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Life in the Bubble

Confessions of my Fucked-Up Life

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Yep. I'm 24, about to get married, working at the YMCA (still) and hitting the real world. Hardcore. My life keeps getting more complex as time goes on. Simple people are boring, so bring on the complexity, yeah?

I'm madly in love with psychology, a deeply spiritual and religious person, hopelessly addicted to being hopelessly addicted, and an aunt who can't get enough babysitting time with my nephew.

I love Care Bears, children's books, penguins, and anything pink or shiny. My house is messy, but lived in and loved.

My time is spent learning how to love myself, love others, and how great it is just to be in love and be loved in return. A long time ago I gave up on being happy.....and I'm trying to get that back. I know i'll likely get hurt a lot in the process, but it just might be worth it. Stupidly optimistic indeed.

I love smiley faces used as punctuation and am very much addicted to movies. I dance and sing every day, though I can't really do either well. I live my life to a soundtrack--*my* soundtrack. I quote tv shows and movies way too often and tend to be crabby.....bitchy. I also warn that many of my postings are quite confusing if you don't live your life according to the map in my head. But I heart you all and I love lamp.

This is my life. Hang on and shut up.